Zenfuse Bi-Weekly Update 03/19/21

Welcome to Zenfuse’s first bi-weekly update.

These articles will be used to keep the community updated with all the latest and most recent changes that have been made to the project.

February 28th, 2021 — Zenfuse successfully launches its MVP platform live to the public.

Member access will continue to be distributed in the upcoming weeks. Network and framework have been a very large part of our configuration process, as we anticipate thousands to actively use our full public platform which is estimated to be launched in Q2-Q3 of 2021.

Zenfuse continues to develop the MVP platform and resolve on-going reported issues or problems that the platform may have. Functionality is being tested daily with hundreds of users across the globe testing the unique features our MVP has to offer.


Zenfuse successfully partners with Indacoin (London-based bitcoin exchange)

Indacoin is a London-based bitcoin exchange founded in 2013. Using the platform, you can purchase various cryptocurrencies using a credit or debit card.

With the integration of Zenfuse on Indacoin, users across the globe will be able to purchase our token using debit / credit cards.

Indacoin Website:

Zenfuse successfully partners with Berry Data — Oracle Network (BSC)
Zenfuse is proud to announce its official partnership with Berry Data as we begin our Integration to Binance Smart Chain. Berry Data is one of the first successfully launched Oracle Networks on the Binance Chain. Berry Data provides a trustless and decentralized alternative for off-chain data. It also provides the infrastructure for decentralized applications. Berry Data works alongside leading Binance Projects such as Certik, the direct auditing service for many top BSC projects and direct partners with Binance Labs. We are looking forward to the future to see what our two companies can accomplish to revolutionize the cryptocurrency smart chain network.

Berry Data Website:

Development Log:

  • New Feature — Created / added Frontend Balance Chart (allowing the delivery of direct balances from exchange being displayed)
  • Total balances will now be stored in the backend for Chart Displays
  • Account Creation functionality adjustments have been made to perform without any errors.
  • Redirection errors of Registration for the Platform page have now been resolved
  • Adjusted errors that were reported regarding pages in the login area
  • Invitation API has been adjusted to adequately track those who have invited their friends.
  • Pop-up displays functionality has been added to the website to alert any users of announcements / new updates
  • Notification systems have been re-vamped to showcase direct information
  • Safari (Apple) browser errors have been debugged and compiled / resolved
  • Resetting Password tool has been fixed so users can change their information at any given time without errors
  • Data Retrieval using the same exchange from different accounts have been made
  • Graphic enhancements for various display mechanisms have been adjusted
  • Expressive Titles for buttons have been added
  • Submission forms functionalities have been fixed
  • Bittrex Exchange functionality has been adjusted
  • Icons for different exchange via desktop and mobile have been fixed
  • Hidden Balances / Hide Balances functionality has been added
  • The ability to toggle 2FA has been added
  • Kraken Exchange information has been resolved
  • Updated various website descriptions, information, etc.

Zenfuse continues to work on building more and more connections in the space of cryptocurrency. Our priority has been to build as many connections and partnerships as possible, continue on-going marketing, and of course prioritize the development of our live trading platform. The month of March has been filled with positivity and the team is looking forward to the future.

Thank you for reading our bi-weekly update!

Best Regards,
Zenfuse Team

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