Zenfuse Bi-Weekly Update 04/22/21

Welcome to the third edition of Zenfuse’s bi-weekly update.

These articles will be used to keep the community updated with all the latest and most recent changes that have been made to the project.

Zenfuse has focused on major changes and development in the last two weeks.

Binance Smart Chain Integration:

With our community’s ongoing growth and new investors joining, our team leaped to prioritize the integration of the Binance Smart Chain. Previously Zenfuse only ran transactions on the Ethereum Network, however as of April 17th, 2021, Zenfuse successfully integrated with Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap.

In an attempt to reduce costs for our token holders and users who wish to

purchase $ZEFU tokens; we have created an Ethereum <> Binance Smart Chain Bridge, allowing users to transfer their funds from the ERC20 network to the more user-friendly BEP20 network.

For more information regarding our Integration, please take the time to read our Medium Article.

https://zenfuse.medium.com/zenfuse-successfully-integrates-with-binance-smart-chain-and- pancake-swap-with-525–000-in-43467e58686a

To also exchange your $ZEFU (ERC-20) tokens to $ZEFU (BEP-20), our development team has created a Bridge Platform that allows you to fluently transfer between networks with ease. https://bridge.zenfuse.io

Binance Smart Chain Price Monitoring


Meme Contest (Conclusion)

April 9th, 2021 — Zenfuse hosted a Meme Contest Certik (@Certik_io) https://twitter.com/zenfuse_io/status/1380468128451280897

The contest concluded with the winners:


Interview with Crypto Slate / Blockdown 4.0

Yuriy Kovalev, CEO of Zenfuse, talks about building an all-in-one trading platform

https://cryptoslate.com/yuriy-kovalev-ceo-of-zenfuse-talks-about-building-an-all-in-one- trading-platform

Featured in the Interview:

  • How Yuriy got into crypto
  • What he learned about the industry at F2 Pool
  • Zenfuse’s goals and objectives
  • The benefits of using Zenfuse
  • Why ease of use is so important for on-boarding new users
  • What made him decide to build Zenfuse
  • Controversial opinions
  • Yuriy’s crypto predictions for 2021

Influencer Highlights:

David Gokhshtein — Founder @GokhshteinMedia | CEO @PACcoinOfficial | Forbes Financial Council


Zenfuse was recently mentioned on the “New Kids on the Blockchan” as a Featured Project!

They discussed our future potential, and gave an analysis to their audience of what our vision consists of alongside with a special interview with our CEO, Yuriy Kovalev.

Check out the video and all the amazing information mentioned about our project in the following new video.

https://youtu.be/vcF5EXYYHDU 18:35

Development Log (04.22.2021)

  • Improved synchronization performance backend/frontend
  • Binance Bridge Platform Update Pushed
  • Cross-networking systematics implemented
  • Incorporated staking metrics that will continue to display tokens earned accurately
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Adjustments and improvements to UI functionality
  • Data Feeds from exchanges will always be statically tracked to give user experience updated information
  • Added safety measurements to allow data to be saved simultaneously when on the platform
  • Users will be prompted with notifications upon accessing the platform for severe market trendlines
  • Live Charting metrics have been added
  • Price Tracking system has been added
  • Users will be able to add multiple layers of security to keep their account safety at high- level protection
  • Verification networks will now be instant
  • Added Key CDN networking to allow exchanges and their data feeds to be sent and received instantly
  • Global DNS and Latency enhancements have been added to give users the best performance in any region

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