Big Things Ahead! Zenfuse’s 2022 Platform Roadmap

5 min readMar 3, 2022

We did a lot in 2021, and we have sights set on even bigger achievements in 2022. In the new year, we’re moving to a new phase of platform development to boost the trading experience of all Zenfusians to another level!

Here we’ll cover where Zenfuse is now and what we’re planning for 2022 and beyond.

Where are we now?

Last year we completed the development of the “Leon” version of the platform, which is live at the moment. We keep an eye on the bugs and do a lot of work on them. However, this process has slowed down a bit, as since December 2021 we have become more involved in the development of our crypto social network. We have completed a beta version and are testing it inside the team to bring it to you this year.

Now we’re once again fully focused on platform bug fixing. If you encounter any bugs while using Zenfuse, please report them right away, so our developers can go get them — we are working to bring you the best experience, so we’re always glad to hear from you.

Moving forward with the developmental process of the “Fiji” version, we focus on thorough testing at each stage. This will ensure stability and accurate functionality.

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who supports and believes in us. Your involvement is what keeps us going and we really appreciate it. Our community keeps growing bigger, so let’s aim higher together!

Our Platform Development Plan for 2022

As we build and improve our platform this year, we’ll introduce remarkable features to help you

Here’s what we have planned for 2022:

1. Launch of the “Fiji” version (the first half of 2022)

By the end of 2021, we had completed about 50% of the Fiji version and we continue developing it.

What are we implementing with the “Fiji” version?

Features include:

  • New referral program
  • Decentralized trading
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Redesign and optimization of Overview and Trading tools based on your feedback
  • An MVP version of our crypto social network

Based on our progress in the last couple of weeks, “Fiji” development should be completed well on time. Expect the official “Fiji” release in the first half of 2022.

2. Greater compatibility with exchanges

We know Zenfusians are located across the world, and you all use different exchanges — from centralized exchanges like Binance to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

This is why we’re not only working to only make connections with centralized exchanges 100% stable, but we’re also striving to make our platform compatible with decentralized wallets. This way, you can leverage Zenfuse — no matter where you trade.

This capability should help make Zenfuse a leading crypto trading tool. Expect connections with various exchanges to be added throughout the year. Each time we add exchange connections, we’ll notify the community, so stay tuned to our social channels!

3. Monetization of the Zenfuse platform

Monetization will help make the project more sustainable, as well as deliver value for our investors and community. While we can’t give full details on how we’ll monetize the platform, we can say that we will distribute revenue and profits to token holders. This will encourage more investment and could potentially drive up the value of the ZEFU token.

We’re also developing a plan on how the ZEFU token can fuel the Zenfuse ecosystem. Once we finalize it, we’ll develop and implement the monetization model throughout the year.

4. Expansion of our team

We already have a team of amazing designers and programmers, but this is just the beginning. We continue looking for talents that will contribute to the success of Zenfuse.

We’re focused on expanding the dev team and the design team. We need more technical efforts and more employees to continue to expand and improve the product. The only way to develop the ultimate easy-to-use user interface and give traders a simple, seamless and enjoyable trading experience is joining dev & design forces.

Expansion of the team will occur during Q1-Q2 2022. Right now we’re looking for talented UX/UI designers, graphic designers, front-end and back-end developers.

Want to join the team? Send your portfolio with a few words about yourself to!

5. Zenfuse store opening

Yes, you heard it right! We will be creating an online store with Zenfuse merch and collectibles. Who knows? For the next birthday or holiday, you may find yourself buying your Zenfusian friends a Zenfuse t-shirt, hoodie or coffee. Believe us, it will catch your eye ;)

The Zenfuse store will open during the year. We’ll make an announcement when the time comes, so stay tuned.

More to Come in 2022

This is just a portion of what you should expect from Zenfuse in 2022. For instance, we’re working on a crypto social network where you’ll be able to keep up to date with the news and follow popular crypto traders. This should help our traders get ahead of trends and be more proactive than reactive. Skilled traders who’d like to share their experience can become authors and earn ZEFU tokens by providing a paid subscription to their trading diaries and portfolio.

We also continue to listen to our community. Based on feedback and advice from Zenfusians, we may implement even more new features this year.

Stay tuned — the best is yet to come for Zenfuse!

About Zenfuse

Zenfuse is a powerful all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

It aggregates multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing control of funds via API, and powers up the trading process, making trading more profitable, simple, and stress-free.

Our cross-platform app provides rich analytics of both your portfolio and order history, giving you the ability to control your funds on a mobile device.

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