How to Become a ZEFU Liquidity Provider on Uniswap

Zenfuse is a next-generation trading platform that will transform how speculators navigate the cryptocurrency marketplace. After an oversubscribed token sale, the ZEFU token is now listed on the biggest decentralized exchange UniSwap.

Those who hold Ethereum can now easily convert their ETH into ZEFU through a liquidity pool on the UniSwap exchange. This seamless bidirectional trading is made possible through the presence of liquidity providers.

Uniswap liquidity providers earn rewards for each trade that is carried out in the pool they provide capital to. Uniswap is currently carrying out hundreds of millions in USD trading volume every day.

We are confident that trading volume will record strong growth in the ETH-ZEFU liquidity pool and that liquidity providers in this pool will be lucratively rewarded. The cryptocurrency market has been brimming with bullish confidence recently and Zenfuse provides the toolkit for traders to capitalize on these conditions. As the edge that the Zenfuse platform offers becomes increasingly prevalent, traders will look to transition into the ZEFU token.

It is extremely straightforward to become a liquidity provider in the ETH-ZEFU pool. Liquidity providers simply send an equal amount of Ethereum and Zenfuse by clicking “add liquidityon this link. Once the funds are sent, they will be rewarded with a proportionate share of trading fees moving forward.

0.3% of the value traded is allocated to liquidity providers. With enormous amounts of volume being traded through UniSwap, these small fees can add up quickly! If you face any issues becoming a liquidity provider, you can find help in the Zenfuse community Telegram channel.

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