Meet the Zenfuse Core Team

In addition to providing a cutting-edge product, Zenfuse will be led by a star-studded team with deep expertise at the highest level of the cryptocurrency industry. The core Zenfuse team is led by a former director of a leading cryptocurrency mining pool, a serial SaaS entrepreneur, and a designer who has worked with professionals from blue-chip enterprises.

Moreover, Zenfuse will be advised by a Forbes 30 under 30 professional who has already experienced success building a multi-million dollar enterprise in the cryptocurrency industry. With decades of collective experience in the fields of development, design, and management — the Zenfuse team is poised to change the way crypto traders analyse and interact with the market.

Yuriy Kovalev — CEO & Founder
The efforts to design and deliver Zenfuse are led by a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience directing teams, delivering products, and leading marketing efforts. After acting as creative director at leading mining pool firm F2Pool, Yuriy is comfortable operating at the highest echelon of the crypto industry.

F2Pool is a multi-currency mining pool firm that regularly holds the highest portion of hashrate among Bitcoin mining pools. Yuriy managed the creative team at F2Pool and ensured that the marketing and design efforts were of exemplary quality.

Before entering an executive role at F2Pool, Yuriy recorded years of experience working with front-end and software solutions. This hands-on experience was essential to Yuriy’s later role directing teams. Yuriy’s intricate understanding of the challenges faced during product development allowed him to understand how to direct a team to overcome these challenges.

Yuriy will lead the design and delivery of Zenfuse. Experience in development and design combined with directing teams at the highest levels makes Yuriy the perfect CEO to guide efforts at Zenfuse.

Alex Peresichan — CTO
The CTO of Zenfuse has over 15 years of experience working in development and leading technical teams. Aleksandr Peresichan launched several software ventures and also founded software development agency

Through his agency work, Aleksandr has become a leader in developing enterprise-level software solutions. This experience combined with personally launching SaaS products gives Alex rarely seen expertise navigating the product-to-market journey.

Mikhail Vorontsov — Designer and 2D Artist
Mikhail has been in the design industry for about 5 years.
Having started his activity in the field of architectural visualization and 3D modeling, he was engaged in interior design and product visualization.

Mikhail worked in the financial sector, creating visual style for banks and consulting companies. For more than five years, Mikhail has been independently leading projects from web design to printing and is currently engaged in UI / UX development for the iOS market.

Florian Wimmer — Advisor
The CEO of cryptocurrency compliance software solution Blockpit will act as an advisor to Zenfuse. Listed on the Forbes 30 under 30, Florian Wimmer is an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to build a successful enterprise in the cryptocurrency industry.

Blockpit is a sophisticated tax and portfolio management software for cryptocurrency users. Florian co-founded Blockpit and has acted as the CEO of the firm since its inception. Blockpit has been operating for over three years and is a shining example of how to build a multi-million dollar enterprise with a cryptocurrency software product.

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