New Risk Management Possibilities for Zenfuse Traders With Insured Finance Integration

Zenfuse and Insured Finance join forces to facilitate instant insurance through the Zenfuse trading terminal

Trading cryptocurrencies is a risky business. Nobody denies that. Traders regularly lose billions of dollars in the markets when prices move against their positions. Even when prices remain stable, traders are exposed to a variety of risks like targeted hacks and “rug pulls”.

Zenfuse and Insured Finance are joining forces to change how traders can deal with such risks. Zenfuse is a next-generation trading terminal that allows cryptocurrency speculators to easily monitor and analyze several digital asset markets from a single interface. Insured Finance is a blockchain-based insurance marketplace that allows users to secure coverage against a wide variety of risks. Exchange hacks, stablecoin failure, and smart contract exploits can all be covered with Insured Finance.

Through the partnership of Zenfuse and Insured Finance, Zenfuse users will be able to insure against a diverse array of risks directly from their terminal. The Zenfuse trading terminal will connect with Insured Finance via an API, allowing users to get instant insurance. Securing insurance will be as easy as clicking on the relevant section of the Zenfuse trading terminal.

The integration will allow traders to navigate the digital asset markets in unprecedented ways. Zenfuse users will be able to secure an edge in the cryptocurrency market by availing of the sophisticated analytical tools inherent in the platform. With Insured Finance integrated, Zenfuse traders will also be able to minimize their downside risks and protect against unlikely but potentially devastating events.

With downside minimized and upside maximized, the dual forces of Zenfuse and Insured Finance will be a powerful tool for traders. The nature of speculation is favourable to those that can protect downside while exposing themselves to upside. The combination of Zenfuse and Insured Finance makes this possible! The integration of insurance in Zenfuse is a win-win for the users and platforms alike. Users have vastly improved risk management tools at their disposal. Zenfuse increases their functionality while Insured Finance streamlines adoption of their insurance offerings. This partnership is the first technical integration into the Zenfuse trading terminal and all parties involved will benefit from the development!

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