Our first community airdrop event!

Greetings Zenfusians!

These last few weeks have been one amazing journey for the community of Zenfuse. We have taken every step closer to reaching our goals, and the growth of our project has never been better. With the on-going support the community has given us, the team at Zenfuse is striving for the prosperity of our future. With special announcements underway, partnerships to be announced very soon, and so much more, we want to say thank you for an amazing first month of 2021. We accomplished a lot in January 2021, and this will forever be history in our books. Zenfuse reached record breaking buy volumes, over 900 + new holders, and the exposure the community has helped us reach is spreading day by day. We achieved higher highs nearly every week, our token release schedule went perfectly as planned, and the entirety of our project has never been healthier than it is now.

With all of that being said, we welcome all of you to the month of February. With our MVP platform launching very soon in the next few days, the team at Zenfuse has decided to officially host a special Surprise Airdrop for the month of February.

- MVP official date will be released no later than 7 days prior to release date.

Airdrop participation requirements:

• Any wallet that purchases 2,800 tokens in the next 7 days starting January 31st, 2021 — until February 7th, 2021 (12:00 UTC) will be automatically eligible to receive an Airdrop upon our platform launch.
• Tokens cannot be sold from initial holdings, to be re-purchased (this action will cause -1 error to be alerted in our systems and will automatically remove you from eligibility).
• If you currently hold $ZEFU tokens, these do not count as part of the participation of the Airdrop. You will need to purchase an additional 2,800 $Zefu Tokens
• Only the first 300 participants will be eligible. Once 2,800 tokens are purchased upon 300 unique wallets, these wallets will automatically be added to our claim list once our platform goes live.
• Purchasing more than 2,800 tokens will still count as participation of the event, as long as a minimum of 2,800 tokens are still in your wallet once we open the claim portal.

Giving back to our community has been part of our agendas for quite some time. These will be one of our first airdrop events for our community, so the rewards will be adequately collective.

The Airdrop event is now live (upon release of this announcement) Good luck to those who are able to participate, the team at Zenfuse cannot thank you enough for the amount of love and support you have shown.

Stay tuned these next few days as we will be releasing the official date for our MVP product launch.

We will also be releasing a huge partnership announcement this upcoming week, which will allow Zenfuse to secure very promising positions on media platforms and receive global business exposure.

Best Regards,

The Zenfuse Team

📍 UPDATE: To keep it fair and healthy for the entire community of Zenfuse the airdrop event will be NOW be available for the first 900 purchases rather than the initial 300. We want all time zones to be able to participate, and feel this adjustment will allow more users to take part in our event as well.

Purchases of up to maximum 100,000 tokens will still be rewarded for an air drop however if the 2800 minimum mark is not met during the first 900 participants, they will be rewarded a slightly lower amount. These purchases must be made within the end of the timeframe.

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