Will Metaverse Be the Future of Trading?

5 min readJan 27, 2022

A look at the Google Trends chart shows the meteoric rise of the metaverse.

How has this happened?

In traditional businesses, the metaverse has become a new frontier. With Facebook becoming Meta and the likes of Nike and Adidas journeying into the metaverse, the popularity of this technology has gone to another level.

In the crypto space, the success of projects like Decentraland and Sandbox has made the metaverse one of the best investment bets.

While it’s not clear how the metaverse will look in 10 or 20 years, one thing is clear: This network of virtual 3D worlds, which will be powered by AR, VR, blockchain and more, will make an impact on numerous industries — from e-commerce to finance.

No wonder experts say the metaverse represents a $10 to $30 trillion opportunity within the next 10 to 15 years.

While many have been busy investing in the metaverse (and wisely so), we’ve been thinking of how the metaverse can help us make trades at Zenfuse — and how the technology can be integrated into our revolutionary trading platform.

In our opinion, the metaverse may just be one of the more powerful tools traders have at their fingertips. The metaverse can not only improve the experience of traders, but also empower more informed, proactive decision-making.

Let’s discuss how.

How Traders Will Benefit from the Metaverse

In November 2021, the global crypto market cap hit $3 trillion as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana and other major coins rose to all-time highs or near all-time highs. While there’s been a downturn since that time, the long-term bullish trend appears intact.

With continuous innovation, a steady flow of new money and plenty of new technologies, like the metaverse, the crypto market has exciting days ahead (even if we’re in a bear market now).

As the creation of metaverses continues, it will further encourage the development of blockchain systems positioned towards decentralized finance, smart contracts, and decentralized governance — which will benefit traders and investors in the future.

As a virtual 3D world that parallels the real world, the metaverse has a lot of potential to improve our ability to make trades. All you need is some creativity to imagine the possibilities. To picture how a trading metaverse could work, let’s dive into some of the features that such a world could offer:

Trading Lessons & Classes

You could coach or receive financial coaching to learn how to trade better. Or, you could host investment classes and earn crypto in exchange for your work.

Interactive Crypto Trading

Within a virtual landscape, you could make trades of NFTs and crypto in real-time. For example, a trading metaverse could build a trading floor like the New York Stock Exchange floor and you could submit your trade requests live. How exciting would that be?

Investment Groups/DAOs

Metaverses are driven by community, and the metaverse will offer the perfect meeting place to network and form investment groups or even DAOs. This will allow retail investors the chance to harness the power of numbers and function more like venture capital funds.

Live Presentations from Project Teams

Investors in the crypto space often have to scour through whitepapers, websites, blog articles and more. These are just words on a screen. In the metaverse, projects could host virtual presentations and pitches to the community. This will enable community members to understand the team and project more intimately.

Investment Strategies Sold as NFTs

A metaverse could track the trading records of all the users. The more successful traders could take their investment strategies and mint them as NFTs. They could then lend out that NFT to other traders who want to copy their trades. This gives the platform and the best traders a revenue opportunity, while giving other traders access to potentially better returns.

Virtual Investment Events

The metaverse opens up the ability to host investment conferences anytime, anywhere. At such events, regular investors could hear from industry legends, get the details on new crypto trends, get the latest on government regulations and much, much more.

Advanced Trading Tools

The metaverse could allow trading applications, like Zenfuse, the chance to offer exclusive access to special trading tools, including more seamless transitions between exchanges, faster access to crypto news and more clear data visualizations.

A More Visual Trading Experience

65% of people are visual learners. The metaverse can offer a more visual trading experience, which should help people understand necessary information better and make better trading decisions.

Zenfuse Is Building a Trading Metaverse

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Trading metaverses have an unlimited amount of opportunities. As long as innovative traders are in the metaverse, value will be created.

For all Zenfusians, good news is coming in this regard too.

Zenfuse is more than happy to announce our intention of building a trading Metaverse to give Zenfusians a new trading experience. Think of the Zenfuse Trading Metaverse as a world that will take your trading experience to another level.

The Zenfuse Trading Metaverse will be a virtual world that traders can explore with their personalized preferred avatars, interact with one another, share ideas, and have all the tools they need in one place. It will extend beyond gaming by allowing traders to do more than interact with people but to experience different activities, such as trading in real-time.

With the metaverse growing so rapid in popularity, we believe it may be the future of trading. And we want to lead the crypto world into the trading metaverse.

So, expect something great soon, Zenfusians!

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