Zenfuse & 9ZERO Partnership Announcement

Delivering an Edge to the Biggest Cryptocurrency Trading Markets

Quick take:

  • Zenfuse and 9ZERO join forces to promote all-in-one trading platform Zenfuse to South Korean and Japanese traders
  • South Korea and Japan have historically been some of the largest markets for cryptocurrency trading. South Korea has at times represented 70% of the total trading volume while Japan has taken a proactive approach to legitimizing cryptocurrency trading.
  • The sophisticated toolkit of the Zenfuse platform will help users outperform the cryptocurrency market.

Zenfuse is designed to give cryptocurrency traders an edge over the competition with a cutting-edge all-in-one platform. The Zenfuse platform allows traders to access the biggest cryptocurrency marketplaces through a single interface while also providing traders with a suite of analytical tools.

The cryptocurrency markets have rapidly evolved over recent years and more sophisticated players have entered the game. To maintain an edge, traders need integrated market access and a toolkit of analytical features to keep pace with these new players.

Through a partnership with firm 9ZERO, Zenfuse will deliver a next-generation trading platform to the biggest markets of cryptocurrency traders. 9ZERO specializes in bringing the best blockchain products to the Japanese and South Korean markets.

9ZERO has a respected track record of only promoting high-potential products with extremely valuable features. For instance, WAX Blockchain — the leading decentralized marketplace for virtual assets and NFTs — was effectively pushed by 9ZERO into the Japanese and South Korean markets.

The importance of the Japanese and South Korean markets for cryptocurrency trading is unquestionable. During the last bull run, these markets accounted for the dominant share of cryptocurrency trading.

South Korean trading was estimated to account for roughly 70% of total trading volume at times in 2017. Even in the depths of the bear market in 2018, there were instances where South Korean traders accounted for half of the total trading volume.

Cryptocurrency trading is so prevalent in South Korea that analysts have coined the term “Kimchi Premium”. The Kimchi Premium refers to the premium previously observed in Bitcoin markets quoted in the Korean Won (KRW) compared to Bitcoin markets quoted in other currencies. This premium existed due to the extremely high levels of volume attributable to South Korean trading.

In Japan, regulators have taken an extremely proactive approach to legitimizing cryptocurrency trading within the country. In September 2017, the Japanese regulatory authority issued 11 licences to cryptocurrency exchanges which gave a major boost to Japanese traders. China outlawed cryptocurrency trading at roughly the same time and the dominant share of this trading volume transitioned to Japan.

As it stands, Bitcoin trading against the Japanese Yen (JPY) holds the second-largest share of BTC volume traded against fiat currencies. All the data demonstrates that South Korea and Japan are undeniably important markets for cryptocurrency trading.

Zenfuse and 9ZERO will join forces to ensure that the most sophisticated platform for cryptocurrency trading is accessible to these traders. At present, traders access the cryptocurrency markets through disconnected exchanges that have different offerings.

Zenfuse will enable traders to seamlessly navigate through these markets and quickly secure opportunities within this fast-paced marketplace. Moreover, traders will have access to a suite of features that will put their analysis leaps and bounds beyond other cryptocurrency traders.

Almost every trader currently uses the same tools. This is mostly limited to chart analysis and interpreting news developments. Zenfuse traders will naturally outperform given the more sophisticated tools at their disposal. For instance, Zenfuse users will have access to a machine learning algorithm that will aggregate and display the most relevant news updates for the user’s portfolio. They will also have access to advanced order types that will allow them to trade the markets in ways which would be impossible with standard exchanges.

The Zenfuse team is extremely excited to bring this technology to the Japanese and South Korean markets. We are thrilled to be partnering with 9ZERO in this venture. Their expertise is unquestionable after bringing several high-value cryptocurrency projects to this market. Together, we will transform how crypto traders in these countries carry out analysis and deliver these traders an edge that we will progress to bring to more markets.

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