Zenfuse Bi-Weekly Update 04/05/21

Welcome to Zenfuse’s second bi-weekly update.

These articles will be used to keep the community updated with all the latest and most recent changes that have been made to the project.

Zenfuse — Token Timelock Security Verification (Certik) — March 25th, 2021

Code Review & Auditing Process

The CertiK Auditing team assigned to the Zenfuse Token Timelock utilized a combination of static analysis and manual review over 2 days, March 16th — March 17th, 2021.
The Certik team was not able to pinpoint any vulnerabilities in the Token Timelock codebase responsible for locking ZEFU tokens for the period, there were several best practices regarding code style and gas optimization which can be applied.
A total of 4 findings were reported in the summary, all of which were informational and have no bearing on the security of the codebase. All findings are related to coding style, gas optimization, or language-specific conventions. The team has recommended an alleviation for each of these, none of which have been implemented to this date.


Overall, the Certik Auditing process went accordingly, as Zenfuse was in the green in almost every section that was tested and reviewed for auditing. This is a huge milestone for Zenfuse, as it allows our company to take several steps forward into the future with larger companies and CEX’s to have an Audit from Certik completed. Zenfuse is officially on its way to on-board Certik’s platform as well, which we will follow up soon with.

Influencers + Review

Satoshi Stacked reviews Zenfuse and gives his honest opinions and regards to what our project is aiming to strive for.

Zenfuse Launches Community Discord!

Come and chat with our community at https://discord.gg/nG9wTkWFeZ

We encourage everyone to come to meet and chat with our team, and we look forward to meeting more of you!


Zenfuse hosted 2 AMA’S in the last two weeks

Altstreetbets via Reddit, Sylants Room via Telegram

Both of these AMA’s allowed our community to gather more exposure, and we were more than happy to work alongside the hosts on answering and expanding our project’s insight to hundreds. We spoke about what our vision consists of and what the direction we’re aiming for entails.

Development Log:

  • Enhancement on Visuals of our Platform
  • Adjustment of Search Functionalities via Portfolios
  • Structural formatting has been updated for frontend object storage and rendering
  • Additional Contract tests have been added to the list of connectors and developed
  • Binance Smart Chain Integration and Bridge Protocol has been updated and continuous development is (ongoing)
  • Frequency and DNS latency changes have been made to allow users better at data networking
  • Updated processing systems to allow users to have faster reactions while interacting with the Platform
  • Emails, Passwords, are completely stored with API’s of the exchanges, and Zenfuse will offer double security to prevent any issues of data units being adjusted
  • Security enhancements overall to port management and networking has been added
  • Certik will be working directly with Zenfuse in the future to continue overviewing our contracts

Thank you for reading our bi-weekly update!

Best Regards,
Zenfuse Team

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