Zenfuse Debit Card Announcement

Zenfuse transforms how traders interact with the cryptocurrency markets by providing a terminal that integrates the biggest marketplaces and most coveted trading tools. Through this terminal, cryptocurrency holders can speculate in the market with an unprecedented edge.

Zenfuse is committed to further transforming how cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use their holdings. We’re thrilled to announce that Zenfuse will be delivering a cryptocurrency debit card.

The Zenfuse prepaid debit card is currently in its development phase. Once delivered, the Zenfuse card will empower holders to spend cryptocurrency identically to how they make purchases with their regular banking card.

Enabling cryptocurrency users to spend their holdings in real-world businesses through a debit card is a feat which many companies have set out to achieve. However, few have accomplished it with only a handful of firms successfully delivering debit cards to market. After successful fundraising rounds and with the assistance of key strategic partners, Zenfuse is in a position to succeed where others have failed.

One of the endearing facets of cryptocurrency is its ability to improve our freedom of choice. Cryptocurrencies give us the choice to store our wealth in a currency that will not be devalued through excessive money printing.

However, this has come with a tradeoff as it has restricted us in other ways. To date, most cryptocurrency holders have been severely limited in how they can spend their holdings in the real-world.

The Zenfuse debit card will change this. Once the card launches, there will be no difference between a JP Morgan employee spending fiat through his bank card and a tech startup founder spending Bitcoin through his Zenfuse card.

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