Zenfuse is Partnering with PureFi to Enhance Security And Compliance

As a company that places a premium on user experience, Zenfuse is proud to partner with PureFi. Our collaboration will bring a new level of security to the world of cryptocurrency trading by integrating PureFi’s innovative compliance and cybersecurity features into the Zenfuse platform.

4 min readMar 6, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with PureFi, the one-stop compliance protocol for DeFi, to provide our users with the best security and compliance solutions for interaction with cryptocurrencies.

By partnering with the leading project in the field of crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures, Zenfuse will have access to innovative features that will ensure regulatory compliance and prevent malicious activities on our platform.

How will Zenfuse utilize PureFi solutions

Our partnership will bring two main benefits to our users:

  • The integration of PureFi’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Risk Score and Know Your Wallet (KYW) certificate services.
  • Protection from phishing attemps through PureFi Anti-Phishing Solution, becoming one of the first companies to join their Early Adopter Program.

With the AML Risk Score integration, Zenfuse users will be able to check the risk score of their own wallets or those of their trading partners, to avoid receiving or sending tainted funds that could result in legal issues or frozen assets.

This feature will be especially useful for our upcoming support for DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), as well as for our forthcoming Portfolio Tracker, where users will be able to monitor the risk score of their wallets along with other metrics.

With the KYW certificate service, Zenfuse users will be able to prove their ownership of one or more wallets, and share their certificates with other users to demonstrate their trustworthiness and legitimacy.

By integrating these services, Zenfuse will also earn a substantial commission from PureFi, which will be used to buy back and burn our native token, ZEFU, creating a deflationary effect and increasing its value.

Additionally, Zenfuse will join PureFi’s Early Adopter Program for the PureFi Anti-Phishing Solution, which is scheduled to launch in Q2 of this year.

This advanced solution uses cutting-edge technology to detect, report, and block phishing attempts in real-time, protecting Zenfuse’s users and community from these common and dangerous threats.

We are excited to start this partnership and to bring our users the best security solutions in the crypto space.

“The partnership between Zenfuse and PureFi is a perfect combination of user experience and comprehensive security measures. Together, we are committed to providing our users with the best possible trading experience while ensuring that regulatory compliance is always a top priority.” — said Yuriy Kovalev, Zenfuse CEO.

“At PureFi, we’re constantly striving to improve the security of the crypto space, and our partnership with Zenfuse is an important step in that direction, allowing us to bring our industry-leading products directly to a wider audience of traders and investors.” — said Slava Demchuk, PureFi CEO

We believe that our collaboration will make a significant contribution to the evolution of the crypto industry and will benefit both Zenfuse and PureFi communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership and the integration of PureFi’s services on our platform.

About PureFi

PureFi Protocol allows dApps to fully comply with local and global regulations while preserving decentralization and user anonymity.

Developed by AMLBot in partnership with Hacken Foundation to provide a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures for the Web3 infrastructure.

About Zenfuse

Zenfuse is a powerful all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

It aggregates multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing control of funds via API, and powers up the trading process, making trading more profitable, simple, and stress-free.

Our cross-platform app provides rich analytics of both your portfolio and order history, giving you the ability to control your funds on a mobile device.

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