Zenfuse — May 19th, 2021 — Update

Due to the time frame of our development logs, we as a team have decided to release these articles and updates when our project feels like it has reached an adequate time to update our community with news and updates.

These articles will be used to keep the community updated with all the latest and most recent changes that have been made to the project.

Website Update

  • The website has always been a big priority of ours that we have driven to achieve perfection upon. Our team has taken the last few months to continue to improve, adjust, and resurface a brand-new atmosphere that is energized when any visitor approaches our domain. New users can now visit our website and check out all the latest new changes, UI updates, graphics, and internal/external user interaction enhancements. With high anticipation being created for our product, a new and even more appealing website has been our goal.

Diversity & Growth

  • Zenfuse is rapidly growing globally! Our community now has created a variety of new community group chats to help allow our members worldwide to communicate within their regions more efficiently.
  • Spanish & Japanese Telegram groups are now available for those to participate in and join in on the fun with dedicated admins across the globe managing and assisting worldwide.


  • As we prepare for our first release, Leon. The development team has continued to improve functionality, and bug fixes throughout the last few weeks. Networking has been a top priority of ours, frameworks, UI, and internal/external API multithreaded connections have now also been improved.

Office Expansion

  • Zenfuse has officially rented another office location, to host up to 10 more dedicated developers and workers that will work alongside the rest of the team to continue the expansion and growth of the project, and community. Our team continues to grow, and you can expect to see a fully updated list of our team members very soon.

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