Zenfuse Monthly Recap — August 2022

3 min readSep 21, 2022

Hey there, Zenfusians! Summer is over, and our team is working even harder to bring you Zenfuse as we see it — a stress-free and convenient all-in-one crypto trading platform. We keep developing the app, refining the interface design and thoroughly testing everything. In this monthly recap we’ll share some big updates and important development milestones that we’ve reached in August.

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Let’s get to our updates now. What have we done over the past month?

Added two new exchanges: Okex and Bitglobal

The most long-awaited update of the month! We have added two new crypto exchanges to the platform. Now you can connect and use four exchanges for trading on Zenfuse: Binance, FTX, Okex and Bitglobal.

Try it now: links.zenfuse.io/try-leon

Don’t forget to share your experience and wishes with us, so we can improve Zenfuse together! You can report a bug by clicking on your profile icon on Zenfuse or share your thoughts in our Telegram community.

Made the app load faster

We have optimized the size of the application, and now the initial loading of Zenfuse goes much faster.

Improved the trading terminal performance

Now the order placement functionality is much more stable. Add notes to your orders and cancel them easily. If you face any bugs, please report it by clicking on your profile icon on Zenfuse.

Refined the interface design

Many interface elements have been redesigned to match the new visual concept that you’ll see in Fiji — the next version of Zenfuse, which we are working on.

Fixed the coinbar

We fixed the bugs that you reported — now your personal coinbar settings are much more stable and reliable. Also, now the coin prices appear in the coinbar at the top of the page much faster so that you are always aware of the current rate of the coins you are interested in.

Started implementing a completely new version of the backend

A brand new version of the backend has been in development for several months. In August, we started implementing it. This should significantly improve the performance of the application and make way for further expansion.

Redesigned the data loading process on more pages

We started testing this in July, and it really makes using Zenfuse easier and more enjoyable. Simply put, this means that while loading the page elements, you can see what kind of data will appear there. This helps to make the interface more responsive and intuitive.

Keep working on creating the ZENUI design system

We continue developing our own ZENUI design system, which we started this summer. It will bring all the elements of the Zenfuse ecosystem to a single visual style.

That’s it for August. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting us!

About Zenfuse

Zenfuse is a powerful all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

It aggregates multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing control of funds via API, and powers up the trading process, making trading more profitable, simple, and stress-free.

Our cross-platform app provides rich analytics of both your portfolio and order history, giving you the ability to control your funds on a mobile device.

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