Zenfuse Monthly Recap — Review for January

3 min readFeb 4, 2022

Another month has come and gone. January was an important month for Zenfuse as we’ve won multiple competitions in the Defi of Thrones tournament, hit crucial development milestones, produced new content, and increased our social media followers substantially.

We are also formulating our plan to build a trading Metaverse — just like we indicated in our article here. The metaverse could be the future of trading, a tool with the potential to improve our ability to make trades.

Additionally, we have also focused on the development of our trading platform, improving designs and working on bugs and fixes. This will make the trading platform more stable and seamless.

January was a big month for Zenfuse. We’re happy to share all of our accomplishments, important announcements, and development milestones with Zenfusians, our community.

Let’s get to it:

Zenfuse’s Success in the Defi of Thrones Tournament

On January 2nd, we kickstarted our journey in the Defi of Thrones Tournament as we participated in our first battle with Liquidus Finance in the Unchained Warriors’ tournament.

And guess what? Since then, we have won multiple competitions in the tournament. We battled with Liquidus Finance and PancakeSwap in the Defi of Thrones Tournament and came out victorious in both battles.

Even though the tournament is yet to be over, we’ve continued to make remarkable progress in impressing our followers. It’s a new month and we aim to complete the upcoming battles in the Defi of Thrones Tournament with outstanding results!

Want to bet on Zenfuse? Join our project’s house on Defi of Thrones Competition through this link: https://app.defiofthrones.io/

Community Growth

Despite the uncertain crypto market, our community remains strong. We appreciate the continued support of Zenfusians, and our current social metrics are quite good.

The strength of the community helps fuel Zenfuse and make our platform sustainable and successful. Do stay in touch with us on social media so you get the latest news and updates.

Development Milestones

Over the last month, we’ve focused on stability (working on bugs and fixes) with the Leon development, which is the first phase of the Zenfuse platform. We are still in the developmental process of our trading platform “Fiji”, the second phase of the Zenfuse platform.

At Zenfuse, we value the trading experience of Zenfusians. That’s why we are dedicated to fixing all bugs and improving our platform design before moving forward to implementing features like the metaverse and hopping on crypto trends like DeFi.

There’s much more coming in 2022. We’ll continue to expand and improve compatibility with exchanges. We’re expanding our design team to further improve the trading experience. We’re also working on monetizing the platform, which we hope will benefit all ZEFU holders.

Overall, much more good news is coming. Stay tuned for updates!

New Zenfuse Trading Guides

Our content team has continued to provide educational trading guides. It’s all a part of the Zenfuse mission to empower traders to make more informed trading decisions.

Our January trading guides include:

Crypto Trends for 2022 & How They Intersect with Zenfuse

Give the Gift of Trading: 5 Tools to Give Your Crypto Friends

Read through these — and you’ll have more trading knowledge on hand to improve decision-making.

About Zenfuse

Zenfuse is a powerful all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

It aggregates multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing control of funds via API, and powers up the trading process, making trading more profitable, simple, and stress-free.

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