Zenfuse successfully integrates with Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap, with $525,000 in liquidity

Zenfuse was created with the idea of making trading fast, easy, and less stressful. In the past few months, we have made significant progress towards releasing our full platform, and we are incredibly excited about the next few months. However, the Ethereum network has been battling congestion issues for a long time now, and users have been forced to spend upwards of $60 for conducting a single transaction.

With this in mind have realized these conditions are unfavorable for our token holders, and we have decided to put in an effort to resolve this issue.

We are thrilled to announce ZEFU has successfully integrated with Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap!

In an attempt to reduce costs for our token holders and users who wish to purchase $ZEFU tokens, we have created an Ethereum <> Binance Smart Chain Bridge, allowing users to transfer their funds from the ERC20 network to the more user-friendly BEP20 network.

Binance Smart Chain information:

ETH <> BSC Bridge:

BSC smart-contract address:

PancakeSwap smart-contract address:

BSC.tools (Statistics)

In an effort to create a safe trading environment, we have provided an initial amount of $525,000 in liquidity. With this, we feel users will feel more comfortable trading our native token.

About Zenfuse

Zenfuse is the first-ever Centralized and Decentralized exchange aggregator. With our platform release scheduled for June of this year, we are actively working on improving our current MVP as well as isolating and resolving any bugs that we find through our closed beta testing process.

All of our token holders are currently being rewarded with a 24% APY staking bonus until the launch of the platform.

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