Zenfuse Secures $1.168M Investment Through Private Token Sale

3 min readSep 25, 2020


  • Zenfuse successfully raises $1.168 million through their private sale
  • Investment requests exceeded $30 million and the highest calibre strategic partners were selected to participate in the raise
  • Several deeply experienced funds participated in the private sale including Moonrock Capital, Signal Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, and Vendetta Capital. DuckDAO was among the strategic partners.

Navigating the widely dispersed cryptocurrency market can be difficult. Opportunities are spread across hundreds of exchanges with each providing markets for vastly different trading pairs. Furthermore, the trading tools each exchange provides are vastly different and rarely give the sophisticated analytical features that traders require to outperform the market.

The technology underpinning the Zenfuse platform addresses these issues. The all-in-one platform allows traders to access all of the major cryptocurrency markets from a single interface. Traders will also be able to gauge market dynamics in unprecedented ways with a suite of features designed by professional cryptocurrency traders. Zenfuse will allow traders to carry out short-term and long-term analysis in ways they have never experienced before. Zenfuse is excited to announce that the product is one step closer to delivery after a successful fundraising round.

A private token sale has successfully been completed with a total of $1.168 million raised. The demand-supply difference for the sale demonstrates the need for a platform like Zenfuse. Zenfuse intended to raise $1.168 million but investment requests exceeded $30 million. Only the highest calibre partners were approved to participate in the sale.

Among them were funds including Moonrock Capital, Signal Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, and Vendetta Capital. Each of these firms is deeply experienced in allocating capital to emerging products in the digital asset industry. Their participation shows the high-potential for outsized returns with the Zenfuse product. DuckDAO also participated in the private sale as a strategic partner. Each allocated capital to Zenfuse in anticipation of returns but all will be valued partners who will help Zenfuse evolve into a product which deeply resonates with cryptocurrency traders. Here is a brief bio of the noted partners.

Moonrock Capital — Based in both the UK and Germany, Moonrock Capital has $50 million under management. The three founding partners actively help projects in their portfolio rapidly grow. The partners are highly proficient in media, research, and advertising.

Signal Ventures — Singaporean-based fund with $200 million under management. The firm specialises in investing in early-stage startups in the blockchain industry and has a track record of gaining exposure to high-performing projects.

Brilliance Ventures — Israeli-based fund with $300 million under management. Invests in both fintech and crypto companies. Brilliance Ventures also has a strong presence in Mainland China which gives the fund a deep familiarity with the Chinese crypto industry which is oftentimes poorly understood.

Vendetta Capital — Turkish fund with $50 million under management. The fund specializes in helping startups in the blockchain industry quickly design solutions for the technical problems present in the industry.

DuckDAO — DuckDAO facilitates funding through thousands of contributors instead of a handful of VCs. Zenfuse will be listed among DuckDAOs incubator projects which will allow the thousands in the community to push the project forward.