More information and more resources for Zenfuse users after the latest website update

Zenfuse Website Update — Business Partnerships, Community Groups, and More!

  • An update has been carried out on the Zenfuse website which includes several new pages and resources
  • Users can joining the waiting list to get priority access to the upcoming Zenfuse platform launch
  • Communities for several different languages are listed on the footer of the updated website
  • Websites visitors can learn about the professionals behind the Zenfuse platform on the added “About Us” page
  • Business owners can inquire about collaborative efforts on the added “Partners” page

A major update has been carried out on the Zenfuse website. Our team is committed to the Zenfuse community having a seamless experience on both the all-in-one trading platform and the website. Zenfusians will be able to easily find the information they need on the updated website and can also find several new resources that have been added.

Community has always been central to Zenfuse achieving its mission. A strong community has been pivotal in shaping Zenfuse’s progress in 2020. Moving into 2021 and towards the platform launch, the community will be even more important! That’s why we are thrilled to provide several community groups in various languages. On the footer of the updated website, online community groups can be found for English, Russian, Korean, and Turkish-speaking netizens.

The updated website also provides a way for users to stay in the loop about the latest Zenfuse developments and secure priority access to the upcoming platform launch. Users who subscribe to the waiting list will be the first to experience the full benefits of the Zenfuse all-in-one trading platform. With the cryptocurrency markets experiencing an extremely bullish bout at the end of 2020, traders that have a next-generation trading platform like Zenfuse will be able to fully capitalize on these lucrative conditions in 2021.

The “About Us” and “Partners” pages have also been added to the website. Learn and connect with the seasoned professionals behind the Zenfuse platform on the “About Us” page. Profiles and social media links of the key team members are included. It is also possible to establish a business partnership with Zenfuse through the “Partners” page. Zenfuse is open to collaborative efforts with other innovative enterprises. Zenfuse recently formed partnerships with the marketing firm 9ZERO and the RegTech firm Blockpit to strengthen our position in different domains. Zenfuse can also offer valuable assistance in several areas to our strategic partners. To learn more, navigate to the “Partners” page of the Zenfuse website.

What’s to come? In the next major Zenfuse update, we will include an “F.A.Q” and “We’re hiring” pages. As the momentum builds behind the Zenfuse project, we will be adding to the team. We will be seeking driven professionals who share our passion for building a next-generation trading platform. As we roll into 2021, the Zenfuse team will continue to relentlessly work towards building the leading trading platform for cryptocurrency speculators.

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