Zenfuse Team Locks $436k in Liquidity

The Zenfuse team is thrilled to announce that it has allocated roughly $436k to the ZEFU/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap. The liquidity was allocated on December 1st and will be locked in the pool for six months.

The allocation is part of the team’s efforts to ensure that the Zenfuse project is a success for all token holders. Every token holder should have sufficient liquidity to trade into and out of the token.

In recent months, holders in countless projects have observed their wealth evaporate as emerging projects were “rug pulled”. Rug pulls can happen through the supply of a project rapidly increasing, an exploited bug, or a project simply being an outright scam. Whatever way it unfolds, the results are always the same. Token holders lose their investment.

The Zenfuse team is committed to demonstrating to token holders that the project will be in the marketplace long-term. With the fast-paced Bitcoin market surpassing all-time highs, retail investors need a next-generation platform like Zenfuse to outperform in the quickly evolving marketplace.

The Zenfuse team’s allocation brings the total liquidity for the Ethereum-Zenfuse trading pair to over $570k. This liquidity will allow holders to convert between Ethereum and Zenfuse seamlessly.

When trading volume is high, liquidity providers in the ZEFU-ETH liquidity pool stand to earn lucrative rewards. A share of trading fees is rewarded to liquidity providers and allocators can easily double or triple their initial liquidity through these fees.

Adding liquidity to the pool is an extremely straightforward process. Those who wish to allocate liquidity send an equal value amount of ZEFU and ETH by clicking “add liquidity” on this link. Once the funds are sent, they will begin earning a share of the trading fees proportionate to their percentage of the pool.

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