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More information and more resources for Zenfuse users after the latest website update
  • An update has been carried out on the Zenfuse website which includes several new pages and resources
  • Users can joining the waiting list to get priority access to the upcoming Zenfuse platform launch
  • Communities for several different languages are listed on the footer of the updated website
  • Websites visitors can learn about the professionals behind the Zenfuse platform on the added “About Us” page
  • Business owners can inquire about collaborative efforts on the added “Partners” page

A major update has been carried out on the Zenfuse website. Our team is committed to the Zenfuse community having a seamless experience on both the all-in-one trading platform and the website. Zenfusians will be able to easily find the information they need on the updated website and can also find several new resources that have been added. …

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On the 18th of December, Zenfuse will be listed on the Bithumb Global exchange. Founded in 2014, Bithumb Global ranks among the most trusted and liquid cryptocurrency exchanges. Bithumb Global facilitates tens of million in USD trading volume every day and the exchange lists only the most promising cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Three trading pairs will be listed on the exchange — ZEFU/BTC, ZEFU/ETH, and ZEFU/USDT. The Zenfuse token is currently available on the Uniswap and Bibox exchanges. None of these exchanges currently provide ZEFU paired with BTC.

Bithumb Global will open up ZEFU/BTC speculation and make the Zenfuse project and market accessible to a wider user base. …

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  • Zenfuse private sale contributors will receive token allocations in December and January.
  • The slow distribution of the Zenfuse token (ZEFU) dampens the impact of any selling and aligns the incentives of private sale contributors with the long-term success of Zenfuse.
  • Over the past 2 weeks, the ZEFU token has increased by 680%, which further encourages long-term holding.

The Zenfuse private sales were filled by some of the highest-caliber strategic partners in the cryptocurrency industry. Each participant bought into the long-term vision of Zenfuse and contributed both their capital and expertise. …

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The Zenfuse team is thrilled to announce that it has allocated roughly $436k to the ZEFU/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap. The liquidity was allocated on December 1st and will be locked in the pool for six months.

The allocation is part of the team’s efforts to ensure that the Zenfuse project is a success for all token holders. Every token holder should have sufficient liquidity to trade into and out of the token.

In recent months, holders in countless projects have observed their wealth evaporate as emerging projects were “rug pulled”. Rug pulls can happen through the supply of a project rapidly increasing, an exploited bug, or a project simply being an outright scam. Whatever way it unfolds, the results are always the same. …

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Zenfuse transforms how traders interact with the cryptocurrency markets by providing a terminal that integrates the biggest marketplaces and most coveted trading tools. Through this terminal, cryptocurrency holders can speculate in the market with an unprecedented edge.

Zenfuse is committed to further transforming how cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use their holdings. We’re thrilled to announce that Zenfuse will be delivering a cryptocurrency debit card.

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Zenfuse is a next-generation trading platform that will transform how speculators navigate the cryptocurrency marketplace. After an oversubscribed token sale, the ZEFU token is now listed on the biggest decentralized exchange UniSwap.

Those who hold Ethereum can now easily convert their ETH into ZEFU through a liquidity pool on the UniSwap exchange. This seamless bidirectional trading is made possible through the presence of liquidity providers.

Uniswap liquidity providers earn rewards for each trade that is carried out in the pool they provide capital to. Uniswap is currently carrying out hundreds of millions in USD trading volume every day.

We are confident that trading volume will record strong growth in the ETH-ZEFU liquidity pool and that liquidity providers in this pool will be lucratively rewarded. The cryptocurrency market has been brimming with bullish confidence recently and Zenfuse provides the toolkit for traders to capitalize on these conditions. As the edge that the Zenfuse platform offers becomes increasingly prevalent, traders will look to transition into the ZEFU token. …

Blockpit & Zenfuse Partnership Announcement
Blockpit & Zenfuse Partnership Announcement

Quick take:

  • Zenfuse cooperates with Blockpit, the largest European Crypto RegTech provider, to eliminate legal uncertainty when trading crypto assets and keep traders safe when confronted with tax authorities.
  • Blockpit complements the Zenfuse platform with real-time transaction analysis, to enable tax-optimized trading based on individual portfolio and audited tax frameworks for specific countries.

Blockpit has set its vision on the simplification of regulatory issues when it comes to crypto markets. Active traders quickly accumulate hundreds of transactions on multiple exchanges and wallets while often experiencing special events like airdrops, hardforks, swaps, margin profits, dividend payouts and many more.

The Blockpit platform automatically harmonizes different data sources, links incoming and outgoing transactions and categorizes coins, tokens and events as their respective legal counterparts. The backend tax engine then uses this data to give real-time information on realized gains/losses, unrealized gains/losses, tax-free or reduced gains, holding periods and much more. …

Zenfuse Dual-Listing on Bibox and Uniswap Exchanges
Zenfuse Dual-Listing on Bibox and Uniswap Exchanges

Quick take

  • The native token of the Zenfuse platform will be listed on both the Bibox and Uniswap exchanges on the 13th of October — 09:00PM Singapore Time.
  • The token ZEFU will be paired with both Ethereum and USDT on the Bibox exchange
  • ZEFU will be paired with Ethereum on the biggest decentralized exchange Uniswap
  • These listings arrive after a month of significant progress where several respected stakeholders demonstrated their support for the Zenfuse vision

Zenfuse aims to transform the way cryptocurrency traders interact with the marketplace.

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has recorded monumental growth in 2020. Since mid-year, the appreciation in the price of DeFi assets has accelerated while speculation taking place in DeFi sharply spiked. The activity taking place on DeFi protocols is showing no signs of slowing down. In September 2020, trading volume on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) exceeded $22 billion.

DEXs account for a significant share of the trading volume in DeFi assets. Trading volume on these exchanges has grown rapidly over recent months with only $1.5 billion being traded a few months ago in June. To date, speculation on DEXs has mostly been carried out by sophisticated advocates of cryptocurrencies. DeFi analysts have admitted that the hype is limited to hardcore enthusiasts and large Ethereum holders. …

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Zenfuse is driving a new wave of adoption in cryptocurrencies by providing traders with an integrated trading experience and a valuable toolkit to capitalize on the abundant opportunities in this emerging marketplace. As it stands, the cryptocurrency markets are spread across countless exchanges and traders struggle to manage their positions.

With volatile price action accompanying this emerging asset class, retail traders are oftentimes caught overexposed and underperforming. The Zenfuse all-in-one platform addresses this by providing traders with a single platform to manage all of their trades and a valuable suite of features to outperform.

Managing Trades from a Single Interface
When prices sharply decline, traders are currently forced to scramble to multiple marketplaces to liquidate their positions. With Zenfuse, traders can liquidate all of their trades with a single click. They can actively monitor their entire portfolio from a single interface and quickly respond as conditions change in the markets. …



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